Since the session began, we have seen that every bill that has public schools attached will then have an associated movement to attach private schools to everything. This issue from their perspective is that if you receive any state funds, you must comply. Attempts but Rep. Frieberg and Rep. Schlegel to keep autonomy in private schools failed. 

HB 745 and SB 313 are the Parental Choice bills. The fate of these bills will be determined to a great degree by conversations about long term fiscal impacts. Both bills are somewhat stalled to a certain degree. SB 313 is troublesome since it would require private schools to administer the LEAP test.

HB 121 use of pronouns now includes non-public schools. The issue in front of us is that if you receive state funds, in any way, you must comply. This notion has great traction in the legislature.

HB 122 prohibits discussion of gender identity passed.  FYI, LCCB sees this bill as problematic since it would prohibit any discussion of heterosexual marriage and is poorly written.

HB 71 Ten Commandments in every classroom staunchly opposed (however neutral in terms of official position) by LCCB, just FYI, including Bishop Duca. We have the crucifixes in our schools but do not want to be mandated.

  • Additionally, Bishop Deshotels feels this is a matter of subsidiarity and local diocese can handle as they see fit. This would require any university that receives TOPS to put the Ten Commandments in their classrooms.

HB 578 School Nutrition Free School Breakfast does not seem to be moving because of fiscal concerns and we are working to confirm we are not included under any circumstance.

At the Catholic Faithful Citizenship Day was attended by 92 Catholic including Archbishop Rummel in Metairie, La and Notre Dame Catholic in Crowley. It was great to see the Catholic witness of these young students to our catholic faith..and it helps LCCB a lot.

Regarding HB 745 (GATOR) a meeting with Superintendent Raenell Houston, Martha Mundine and Sr. Mary Ellen with Senator Boudreaux revealed that the Black Caucus feels they were not included in the parental choice bills, that Charter Schools are problematic and that they want to “park” the legislation.

In addition, a brief meeting with Senator Harris and Superintendent Pattie Davis was very short but revealing in that his concern is that the constitutional convention would put at risk the MFP and risk losing dedicated statutory formula funding.

Another meeting with Rep. Dustin Miller revealed that he wanted to know how the Catholic Schools, and private schools, will address taking the lower income kids in the first year that allows for entrance into kindergarten. He could support the bill if in his words “if we can assure poor kids entering kindergarten would be admitted.  He has opposed it in the past.

However, a follow up meeting with a key stakeholder projects they have the votes to at least get the parental choice bills passed in some form to start the program.

Other bills moving will be HB 264 to require Computer Science, HB 107 don’t tape the mouths of students and some bills affecting public schools that would require enhanced metal detectors. HB 731 to allow teachers to conceal a gun in the classroom is temporarily on hold.