As the 2022 Regular Session winds down we are carefully watching our priority agenda times including the budget, non public school appointee to the BESE Board and the attempt to privatize the school nutrition program.

  • It appears that HB 4  to eliminate the Non Public BESE appointee and HB 986 to privatize the school nutrition program are not scheduled in this final week so hopefully that remains.
  • We did keep the exact amounts budgeted for Required Services, School Lunch Salary Supplement and Textbooks.

On Note: All the the Education Savings Accounts bills are moving. This allows for $5400 for the parent to move the child to a private school and get extra tutoring. The school must provide a full array of services. The eligible children are military families, foster care, children not reading at 3rd grade level, children with exceptionalities and children who are being bullied.